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They are distinguished for their working capacity, seriousness and humanity

Alfonso Reguera


We have been working with Anguís for many years and their capacity to coordinate work teams, with excellent collaborators, to reach any objective pursued has always marvelled us.


They analyze methodically the matter and offer accurate diagnosis and solutions.


They also stand out for their work capacity, seriousness and the human and close treatment which are admirable.


Yaya Jaque arises to offer gastronomic solutions to companies and individuals providing an exquisite approach, not only culinary speaking, but as a company service.


Former gastronomic experts, renewed at the speed of Twitter and with company bases formed in the IESE business school.


The master formula has been served.


The name of the brand is how the businesswoman who started the business many years ago is known.

The branding has been our thing.

Simple lines yet interesting, thin but gives a lot of strength, define the brand in the image of the owner.


Clean colours, elegant and well combined, like their gastronomy,

make the visual image a pleasure to the sight. Everything dressed with first class Iberian prime materials that form a very appealing set. Working for gastronomists is like working with professional colleagues. All creativity and know how to use the basics to combine it with success.

When combining

is the key

to gastronomy

Working with Alfonso Reguera is to accept the responsibility that goes with freedom.

Freedom that Alfonso has always given us at the time of setting out the brand strategy, graphic solution or communication line.


This is how it’s been again in this magnificent gastronomic project which started in the hands of the brothers Reguera and with the years of projection of the initial promoter, Yaya Jaque. We designed a simple brand, with thin lines but with a lot of strength which has helped us to hang an Iberian ham, a tuna and even an “Iberictun”. Also in order to transmit how simple it is to attend a gastronomic event without suffering the complexity of the creation. This simple and with this philosophy, we have created the branding, applications, website, etc. Fusion first quality prime materials and with Iberian origin to maintain the values of the company. Combining is the secret to success.


Working for them has been, as always and after many years, a pleasure in all the senses.


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