Tedial is currently one of the best three companies worldwide in the management of the broadcast sector. International clients such as Twenty Century Fox, Ericcson, La Sexta, Televisión Española and many others have confirmed the geniality of their know how and their solvency at business level.

symbols and assistance in the main national and international fairs in Las Vegas, Amsterdam, Madrid…

For many years, Tedial have counted on us to dress their image in the most ideal manner over time and in the national and international markets.


They currently have offices across half of the world, first class technical installations and a projection difficult to imagine nearly ten years ago. We have worked for them in the fields of brand, change process, sales material, website, email marketing,


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Visual identity


We all know the formula

“Purchase or sale of used vehicles” however it is also well known the bad reputation that this type of businesses can entail in the car sector.


Motorfactory was born copying the classic business formula however contemplating from the first moment, all and each of the

weak points of the sector and providing


quality, transparency and accurate solutions that have helped their clients to forget their previous bad experiences.


The naming positions the same in the sector to which the business belongs to, “motor” and the concept of fair price “factory”.


The whole name sounds good, it’s catchy and if we accompany this with colour, a lot of colour, and the silhouette of a vehicle drawn like any of us would do in two seconds, the set works.


Monofactory started with a great centre in Malaga and in less than a year they have opened another in Marbella.


Hundreds of second-hand and almost new vehicles, with “pedigree”...




In the middle of a crisis, there are companies that decide to do nothing.

This was not the case of VAV, who made it abundantly clear that the crisis is a moment of opportunity to reposition themselves in the market and transmit a message of

renovation, global improvement and enthusiasm in the way to do things.


We find ourselves with an image that could still endure over the years but not a change in discourse or new management. The plans for the future of VAV were simple but very ambitious, which today can be celebrated given the global improvement and their international expansion.


They have various offices around the world, clients of international scope and important contracts with the main companies and organizations within the television industry.


La Chesseria

Visual identity


Cheese is one of those Iberian foods that, together with ham, remains indispensable in the Mediterranean diet.


A classic which is demanded in a thousand or more ways on any international table



La Chesseria was born to reinvent the selection formula of cheeses, the manner of purchasing them and consuming them.

Only Spanish cheeses selected from the cheeses that are prized in different national and international competitions.


When purchasing a cheese, they have also modernized the formula, maintaining the classic of portions, plating and on a board, and adding the system of bulk cartridges

in cubes.

Simple, clean, quick and which also highlights the taste of the same given that it is cut in cubes of 1cm³.


We have to add to all this, a very intuitive manner of displaying the cheeses in the shop, classifying them by the animal origin or aging.


General de Galerías


General de Galerías is without a doubt an example of business success in the world of shopping centres in Spain. Their more than five centres divided throughout the Spanish geography support

their business formula.

Their installations constitute an architecture work of art; pleasant to go shopping, enjoy the gastronomic corners or simply go for a lovely walk.


The most select commercial brands can be found in their centres as well as a large local offer which gives the possibility to a magnificent penetration

in the local business where

they are located.


In Anguís, we have developed the creativity for the shopping centres, the common promotional image and assistance in international fairs.



Diario Jaén


Diario Jaén has been the most important written press media in the province of Jaén, for 75 years. An informative engine that has told closely the most recent, and not so recent, history of Jaén.

With relevant professionals, with a local information perspective but with a

national quality, it has run through historic periods with first level ranking of print runs and readers.

Immersed in a process of deep change, obliged by the evolution of the sector,

the renovation of their image, product

and business formula was a more

than obligated task to maintain

their success level.


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