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With regards to

image they are


Paco Herrero

VAV | Europe

With regards to image, sales folder, webs and communication in general they are exceptional.


Given their creativity, capacity to react, speed and availability, Anguís truly offers wonderful services. To this we can add a close, friendly and very professional treatment.


We have always had an immediate and satisfactory response to our demands as a company. Highly recommended.


In the middle of a crisis, there are companies that decide to do nothing. This was not the case of VAV, who made it abundantly clear that the crisis is a moment of opportunity to reposition themselves in the market and transmit a message of renovation, global improvement and enthusiasm in the way to do things.


We find ourselves with an image that could still endure over the years but not a change in discourse or new management. The plans for the future of VAV were simple but very ambitious, which today can be celebrated given the global improvement and their international expansion.


They have various offices around the world, clients of international scope and important contracts with the main companies and organizations within the television industry.


A challenge that Paco Herrero entrusted us after having worked together in the Media Digital Factory (MDF) project in the year 2008. The image for a supplier as VAV must be coherent with the scope in which they work, television, with a visual code that their clients (Telecinco, antena 3, TVE [Spanish television channels]) decipher with not a lot of effort. Simple and clear typography and mainly in negative for a better use in digital scopes. The visual image, orchestrated by oval colours taken from the main identity, help to transmit the business divisions that VAV offered previously with different commercial names.


It was necessary to simplify the message and not confuse the different brands that ultimately formed part of the services provided by the parent company. White backgrounds with wired lines, together with quality photographs, achieved the message that VAV wanted to transmit


After the design of the corporate identity and the visual image, we applied the image to various national and international sales folders, websites, mobile units, corporate stationary, internal documentation and symbols for the television studies in Madrid, amongst other elements.


The claim was simple, once we had captured the idea that Paco Herrera wanted to transmit to us at enterprise level:

“Always ahead” that we “translated”

as “Just forward”.


Working for VAV, their human team, and with the objective well defined by Paco Herrero, it has been a pleasure for us and a more than evident professional return. Thank you.


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