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Cheese is one of those Iberian foods that, together with ham, remains indispensable in the Mediterranean diet.


A classic which is demanded in a thousand or more ways on any international table


La Chesseria was born to reinvent the selection formula of cheeses, the manner of purchasing them and consuming them.

Only Spanish cheeses selected  from the cheeses that are prized in different national and international competitions.

When purchasing a cheese, they have also modernized the formula, maintaining the classic of portions, plating and on a board, and adding the system of bulk cartridges in cubes. Simple, clean, quick and which also highlights the taste of the same given that it is cut in cubes of 1cm³.


We have to add to all this, a very intuitive manner of displaying the cheeses in the shop, classifying them by the animal origin or aging. The selection is made quickly and clearly and allows the tasting of more


22 types of cheeses on their own or combined.


A pleasure for your palate, available in the gourmet market of La Merced in Malaga and with the view of opening various selling points in other gourmet markets throughout the country.



Taste the

best cheeses


Working with Paty and Andrés has been a work

of top quality for us. A challenge that started, as they all should, slow but sure and with

reasonable deadlines.

The result could not be anything else but a success.


We looked, together with them, for a name for the brand. We carried out the branding, website, conceptualization of the sales point, packaging formulas, dispensation, and selection of products…


It has been a pleasure to have them as clients as they have placed in us all their trust and this, apart from being a responsibility, has given the opportunity to enjoy the work carried out, form a magnificent team and give everything that was in our heads.


We are currently working on the franchising project, which will bring more and better responsibilities.

Thank you friends.



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