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Creativity is the best

strategy to reach

the reader

Jose M. Serrano

Assistant Manager Diario Jaén

At Anguís, we have found a differential value that offers good creativity together with hard work. Changing the image of a 75 year old newspaper as not an easy task and the finesse must go together with a certain risk to achieve what you are looking for: the effect of change.


One of the biggest challenges was to redesign a webpage to make it more attractive for the reader, and especially to attract new users. José Domingo’s work and the Anguis team have achieved this with an elegant, modern and functional design.


Diario Jaén has been the most important written press media in the province of Jaén, for 75 years. An informative engine that has told closely the most recent, and not so recent, history of Jaén.



With relevant professionals, with a local information perspective but with a

national quality, it has run through historic periods with first level ranking of print runs and readers.


Immersed in a process of deep change, obliged by the evolution of the sector,

the renovation of their image, product

and business formula was a more

than obligated task to maintain their success level.


The evolution

of written media

to date

Coping with the global redesign of the image of a company is a task for titans, for capable, tenacious people and with ideas set in a short-term future. The sector is modernizing itself at the speed of light, the professionals in the media accept incredible challenges and, on our part, accept the opportunity to provide value to the said change project.


The consultancy has been integral, touching each and every one of the company departments and providing our vision concerning the image, understood as a value that affects each and every one of the elements that communicate with the newspaper’s client.


Directed by Ramón Cuenca and José Manuel Serrano, we have enjoyed a journey with a red colour. We have improved our ways to provide value to professionals of a very different area. We have projected our ideas in a simple, quick and clear manner. Working with Ramón is always going to the point and learning that there are many other pathways to reach Rome.


Branding, commercial strategies, creativity, web, app’s… a perfect fan for a red storm.


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