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Creativity and

strategic vision

are fundamental

Pepa Olid


The Anguís team brings together the group of qualities that few companies in advertising and marketing have.


For us, creativity and the strategic vision of the director, José Dommingo Quesada, are fundamental keys, as well as the dynamic project delivery and efficiency.


They have provided us with a lot of value, from the image of the brand up to taking

the strategic decisions for the acquisition

of clients.


Getting your driver’s licence has always been one of those challenges that you have to assume when you become of legal age.

A classic challenge, known and, from the business point of view a business in crisis and in full restructuring process: uneven prices on a national level, in full battle of discounts and with immeasurable benefits.



Bugaloop presents itself as the first price comparison for driving lessons


The first online

price comparison

for driving schools

When a car is a “Buga” (an informal manner to call a car in Spanish) and obtaining your driver’s licence is a “loop”.

Having in our hands the image of a project based exclusively on the internet, with an up to date business model, such as a price comparison and made up of very young people, more than prepared and partners on an international level, is at least a spectacular challenge.


Accepting the challenge the result is in this webpage; a bit further up. We start by looking for a name for the project. Simple but at the same time fun, eye-catching, colourful and appropriate for use in a very specific age range, mainly from 14 up to 18 years of age. In our view, two concepts defined the line: the cars and the process to obtain the driver’s licence. “Buga” and “loop”.

Both words sounded great. We added to the logo a pair of eyes taking advantage of the two “o’s” and we had together with the “&” the baseline of a fun client looking for the best offer.

It has been one of the most fun projects graphically speaking, with a lot of very dynamic applications, low cost direct marketing actions, dozens of landing pages, email marketing, etc.


Working with Pepa Olid and Miguel Aldana has been very constructive due to Pepa’s experience in the 3.0 world and Miguel’s knowledge in the driving school sector which has provided us with knowledge, dynamism and youth.

Currently, Bugaloop continues to close very interesting business agreements and gain more and more clients each day.


Bugaloop has been our best startup type project up to date. Thank you for placing your trust in us.


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