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Balance between

originality and

tangible impact”

Oscar Barranco


Anguís reaches an enviable balance between creative originality and tangible impact in the economic results of the company.


It is our reference in innovation and effectiveness, due to its impact in the market. This makes it the perfect ally for the growth of any company that seeks to stand out by means of strategic differentiation.


Also, behind their professional services,

we can find people with human values

worthy of highlighting.


The future is coaching


A few years ago, Oscar Barranco gave us his project idea to bring coaching closer to all the corners of the world. Today with the perspective gained over the years, we can assure that as in nearly all of the projects that Oscar has proposed to us, he was ahead of his time.


The first challenge was to find a brand name and this was not easy, given that to describe a coaching service is simple but one that is online and global complicates the matter.


We then thought of a butterfly and its intrinsic values: colourful, light, positivity complexity and perfectionism. To this concept, we added the conceptual phrase that Bruce Lee made famous worldwide, which, in our opinion, reflects the philosophy of the project that Oscar had in mind: “Be water my friend”.



We had a name, “Bewaterfly” and we only had to give it an image. We chose the colour blue; a colour that transmits peace, cleanliness and technology.


The graphics of the butterfly was obligatory, even though the name does not quote the same, the word game together with the icon makes the concept clear. Highlighting “water” in the combination was a priority as one of the most important values of the company is the transparency in the provision of services.


Working with Oscar is a challenge for us given that his projects are always ahead

of the international market cycle. We hope

 to be able to work again with Oscar Barranco who currently is developing his activity in Qatar.


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