The brands are a

living being: they grow,

they reproduce and they die.

Rafael López Antón

CMM Online

In Anguís, we pursue the professional excellence both in our internal team as well as in our huge network of collaborators; an eternal value in face of globalization.

Humans are the factor

Rafael Uceda Vañó

Communications director

Manuel Redondo Arandilla

Experts in markets

Teresa Tomé


Jose Domingo Quesada

CEO Anguis

Gerardo Casas

E-commerce and Multichannel consultant

Alberto Aranda

Interior decorator

Marcos Reguera

Gastronomic adviser

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clients    anguis     work     contact     newsletter

We create brands, we make them grow and we provide the value.


We generate the necessary reputation in the survival of all company or organization.


What we do

Analysis of the business situation


Identification of differentiating values


Determination of strong ideas




Design of the brand


Communication instruments off and on


Execution of actions





Global image and on/offline

communication consultancy


Full corporate and product branding


Creativity for the innovation of the

product service


Market studies. Analysis of reaction proposals


Image and communication strategies.



Temporary architecture.

Design and execution



Say who you are

before others can say

what you are not.

Learned man, analytic, transparent and close, Rafael is our communications responsible. A professional career of 30 years, he provides, apart from value, the perspective and capacity that give trust and solvency to our proposals.

Intuition, apart from being very expensive, is not an effective antidote.

From the market work with multinationals to the small rural company or entrepreneur projects, Manuel has an extensive career in local and rural development projects. Authentic and involved in his way of working and living, he has been recognized for his work and dealings with different local, provincial, autonomous, national, European and international public administrations.

It's time to sell

online without

forgetting offline

IT Engineer with extensive experience as a project manager B2B and B2C in on/offline scopes. As a specialized franchising consultant, Gerardo shows from a practical and tangible point of view how to carry out a multichannel strategy that allows to take maximum advantage of the challenge that the duality ecommerce/retail presents. Decisive.

Taste is


new armament

Gourmet independent consultant and member of the Andalusian Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism, Marcos Reguera creates, develops, manages and innovates in the world of gastronomy since 1994.


From simple to complex consulting development of innovative products in the world of cooking


Tireless, direct and friendly treatment, Marcos is able to bring to any project a gastronomic vision, pillar of the national economy along with tourism.



and believe

Trained in interior design, decoration and window dressing, Alberto Aranda has more than 20 years designing projects for private and corporate customers.


New Style postgraduate by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Alberto exudes creativity, style and vision of trends. His professional concern and vision forced him to visit annually the major trade fairs at European level

Because art can be as serious as medicine

Ordered, disciplined and overturned with customer service and efficiency.

The communication

is now in our pocket,

on the wrist and soon …

Young, direct, highly prepared and full of ironic freshness, Rafa guides us in online communication helped by his prism 2.0.

The sensation of having reached, marks the start of the downfall

Autodidact, simple and with a “spring” spirit, he searches constantly to state the obvious. Formed subsequently by the IESE, he has maintained his predisposition to learn anything even if it seems hopeless.

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